My new home

With the name change of my solo music and the fact I have separated the comedy posts and the music posts to two different blogs I have decided to get rid of this blog and start using a new one.
You can find it here

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She’s Dancing Like Before

I will get back into the swing of blogging. Just doing more and more cleaning up. Getting rid of pointless links and pages and what not, which will include everything on 8bc under Tiny Stars of Paris and some of the stuff under hai! Robotto.
I have a demo of a new song that will be the opener for the next collection of songs that I will be putting up for sale hopefully along with getting some shows.

This song was originally written for The Romantic Cats but was never used, which explains the explosion halfway through which isn’t really typical of a With Love & Science song.

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Since I have stopped doing the Three Hour Song project I have actually been getting things done and finished. Lower yours eyes.

My first Christmas song:

I guess this is actually an old one but I want to rework it and make it a bunch more guitar.

My second Christmas song:

and finally a rough demo of a song that will most likely not be finished until the new year.

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With Love & Science

Couple of things.
I have recently decided, due to it being a much better name, to start using With Love & Science as my new name for my solo stuff instead of Tiny Stars of Paris.

Also you can download all of the demos that I made in the Three Hour Song project HERE!
They are free and some are not that good, but that is what the delete key is for. To para-phrase a famous film. “Life is like a box of chocolates. Poke it with your finger to find the tasty bits”

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Back On Track

Okay. Nobody reads these but I like doing them and it has been a while. NEWS!

Let me kick off with Parallelis’s remix of Let’s Play, which is super cool.

I have decided I am going to go back through some of my old posts and pull them down, mainly the ones about a website I had ten years ago which I only really put up for my friends to have a giggle about how stupid I am. I want to focus on actually writing about music and music related adventures or listenings.

My Three Hour Song project was a success for me. It achieved what I wanted, which was to get some songs finished and online. Out of this I got some really good pieces that I am proud of, such as Cineplex and Century 21 Calling, which have since been reworked. It also brought me some attention from other bands, artists and a film dude.
As seen above Parallelis wanted to rework my song Let’s Play, a favour I need to repay, and the super band Palette Town, who have the best named band members ever, got one of my songs played on the radio in Miami. Who I have done something special for that they will be showing the World very soon.
My music was also used in the trailer for a comedy web-series, A 1-UP Kind of Life. Go check it out.

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From the Cineplex


It has been a while but things are still going good. I played my first solo show a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I have never been that nervous in my entire life. Which did lead to me play the worst I ever have ever, but that all went after the first song and by the end I was comfortable and playing at my best. Plus, ending with this made things pretty special:

So hopefully the next show I play I will be a lot better and actual make a decent start.

I do have one thing to admit. As much as I loved playing the show and to be able to play music that is all mine, I did miss having somebody else on stage with me. That isn’t just from a nerves point of view, I do prefer to have someone there playing alongside me. So now I am going to start looking for somebody to join me.

Other news is that I do have a few more pieces of music which I will try and get finished as soon as I can. One piece is pretty old now and I will upload without vocals and another is a Let’s Play style pop song. But the one I just started yesterday is going to be pretty good. I am looking forward to getting that out to people and to hopefully play it at some shows assuming I can get some.

You can also check out a ROUGH 8bit version of Cineplex……..HERE

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Bran Shaq!

Just an update on the previous post.

Thanks to Off The Road I will be playing my first solo show as Tiny Stars of Paris on the 2nd October in Hull and I have to admit I am pretty scared. I have a 30 minute set and think I have pretty much got down what I am doing, in what order and how. I will be playing slightly updated versions of Cineplex and Century 21 Calling and will also be squeezing in a small portion of Give Enough. On top of this I will be playing two brand new songs that are not part of the Three Hour Song. At some point in the next couple of days I might upload a sample of one of the new versions to Soundcloud.

Parallelis also finished his version of the song Let’s Play, which is really good, especially if you stick around to the end.

For those in the know I have also been working with metal twats The BDDM, producing their new EP which will be shot into the world sometime soon. The recording is going really well and only a couple more songs need vocals, at which point I can finish off the mixing and get them all sounding pretty big. You can hear the first track here:

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